Another Video Shoot Experience

After waiting for several days for the house to become available, I received a call from the owner that we can start shooting. So I packed my things and prepare for the shoot. I also called our model that we will take shooting this day.

I went first to the house and talked to the owner while waiting for our model. When she arrived, we immediately took videos for the second version of the commercial. We finished several scenes until our model suddenly felt ill. I told her to rest for a while and we will shoot once she feels okay. She rested for a few minutes and we went back to shooting some more scenes. Our model again, felt uncomfortable and she is in pain. I asked her if she can continue shooting but she said she can’t. So we decided to bring her home and let her rest.

Good thing we have backup model for the shoot. So I called her and asked her if she can come, she said yes. When the other model arrived we continue shooting until almost midnight.

So many things happened today, it was a long day. But we were able to pull through with the shooting and finished, we completed the scenes we need.

We hope the output of the commercial to be good. We’d like to give the viewers the feel of what smart living is through our video. We wish to be successful and fulfill our mission.

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