Axie Infinity Origin

The axie origin is finally realease tomorrow, official date for the release of axie infinity alpha testing is finally revealed. On April 7,2022 axie infinity: origin will be available for download on mavis hub following the origin launch week announcement. Axie origin have so many changes i think all of the game has been change. Runes & Charms Release Neutral, Aquatic, Beast, Bug, Bird, Plant, and Secret Runes & Charms has been released for axie infinity origin. These runes and charms can be used to enhance your cards and improve your axies stats to make your team stronger in battles. More class runes and charms will be released daily during origin launch week.During the recent post about developer insights: Long term thinking with axie infinity, the upcoming battle v3 and land gameplay is expected to drastically change the meta and could significantly affect the utility and use of existing axies.