Sakura: A Buy and Sell platform

Buying is the acquisition of an object in exchange of money, whereas selling is acquiring money, in exchange of relinquishing all claims of ownership from an object. Buying and selling are two terms that are often used relatively; when ever there is talk to buying, there is talk of selling.
a sale in which the buyer sees one of the products being sold, and buys a number of them on the condition that they are of the same quality as that one: Usually a sale by sample is implied when a sample is shown and both parties intend that the goods should be of the same kind and quality as the sample is
A buy and sell platform is helping us to be practical in some how is it because if its cheaper than other and give us option more option actually to choose what do you need on secondhand items, for me as a teenager i need to save money so what can i do to save money? i buy second hand good the if i have thing that i can not use anymore i sell it with sakura free market this how i saved money. but if you are the type of person that you don’t want second hand product sakura free market sellers offering brand new thing all things that you need is in the sakura free market app and actually sakura free market is so easy to use you can be a seller at the same time you can be a buyer if you need things. In this world that all thing are so expensive we need to be practical and smart to buy things and what we need.