Top 12 Travel Bloggers – Weride


  1. Dan Flying Solo
    Dan is one of the best travel bloggers in the world, hands down. Born and raised in the UK, he is an incredible writer and photographer whose work has been featured in many major publications, including Travel + Leisure and National Geographic. I would be remiss if I covered the best blogs on travel without mentioning him.
  2. Y Travel Blog
    Looking to follow one of the top family and adventure travel blogs? Meet Caz and Craig Makepeace, the writers and photographer behind Y Travel Blog.
  3. The Planet D
    For adventure seekers, The Planet D is one of the best travel blogs out there. Dave and Deb are an award-winning travel duo based in Canada and have visited more than 110 countries. They write comprehensive travel guides and itineraries, which I’ve used to plan my own travels around the world.
  4. The Blonde Abroad
    For solo female travelers, it doesn’t get any better than The Blonde Abroad. But even if you don’t fit that description, you’ll still find plenty of value when reading this famous travel blog.
    As the founder of The Blonde Abroad, Kiki provides amazing travel tips, how-to-guides, and photo/video content from her trips around the world. In addition to the rich content, her travel website also has a beautiful design. Everything is so creatively laid out, that you can’t help but feel happy and inspired as you scroll through her travel blog.
  5. Salt in Our Hair
    Looking for a travel blog to inspire your next adventure? Salt in Our Hair is about as cool as it gets.
  6. The Points Guy – Among the Most Famous Travel Bloggers
    Financial savvy travelers won’t want to miss out following The Points Guy. This best travel blog is dedicated to tips on credit cards and rewards points.

  1. Hey Ciara
    Ciara is one of the most well-known solo travelers in the world. She’s a great writer and inspires hundreds of thousands of travelers on her blog, Hey Ciara, and social media channels.
    Like me, she recently made the huge step of quitting her corporate job to travel the world full time. With so many insightful travel and lifestyle tips, as well as inspiring and uplifting content, Ciara will remind you how beautiful our world truly is.
  2. Atlas and Boots
    Nature lovers will really enjoy reading this travel blog website. Atlas and Boots is dedicated to outdoor travel, including nomad lifestyle tips, hiking, diving, and other fun nature-oriented activities around the globe.
    The founders of this blog, Kia and Peter, have climbed Mount Everest, the Arctic Circle, and Mt. Elbrus (Europe’s highest mountain). They’ve been featured by many notable publications, including BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, and more. These award-winning travel bloggers have been to some super unique locales, so it’s no wonder their site is among the best world travel blogs.
    If you’re looking to add to your travel bucket list, Atlas & Boots has got you covered. It’s a vacation blog that you should definitely know about.
  3. Nomadic Matt – Top Travel Blogger
    As far as the best blogs for travel go, Nomadic Matt is the OG. Matt has been one of the top players in the industry for over a decade, and he certainly hasn’t slowed down with over 1 million pageviews per month on his site.
  4. The Broke Backpacker
    Are you a backpacker looking to save money and traverse the globe? The Broke Backpacker is one of the best travel blog sites out there.
    The traveling blog is run by a team of passionate backpackers and it offers some of the best budget travel tips anywhere in the world. In addition to helping you plan trips, there’s also some really great travel gear recommendations on the site.
  5. Going Awesome Places
    Looking for in-depth travel guides and itineraries around the globe? Check out Going Awesome Places, one of the best blogs about travel.
    I’ve traveled with Will in the past, and I greatly admire his work ethic and attention to detail. He writes ridiculously long travel articles, where he covers the A-Z on unique destinations around the world. In addition to his amazing blogging skills, Will is also a great storyteller on social media. His IG stories are also super engaging and informative. Give this top travel blogger a follow so you can see it for yourself!
  6. Never Ending Footsteps
    Last, but certainly not least on this round-up of the top travel bloggers is Never Ending Footsteps. Founded by Lauren Juliff, this travel blog has been around for 10 years, reaching hundreds of thousands of travelers each month.
    Lauren has traveled to over 90 countries and shares tips about all the ups and downs from her many years on the road. She’s also the author of “How Not to Travel the World.” Whether you’re looking for travel tips or inspiration, you’ll find that Never Ending Footsteps is among the best blogs for travel in 2022.